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Making sure you have a great dentist is easy in Birmingham. There are numerous Birmingham private dentists that are qualified to treat your every dental need. The dental offices take time out to listen to what you need and then strive to meet your expectations and then some. Most of the dentists in the area have multiple years of training which ensures you that you're getting great service.

Regular Services Offered by a Birmingham Private Dentist

Whilst every Birmingham private dentist surgery is different in the procedures that the offer, below is a selection of the most common that are offered by almost all.

  • Invisaligns are alternatives to metal braces. These are invisible aligners that take the place of normal braces but work just as well if not better.
  • Dentures are otherwise known as "false teeth". These are made to look as close to the real thing as possible and are removable. However, they should be cleaned often with certain products. Do not brush with regular toothpaste as most of them have abrasives that will cause scratching in the dentures which allow for bacteria to settle.
  • Crowns are a type of dental restoring process that encircles teeth.
  • Root canals is a process in which, the space within a tooth sits, is cleaned out thoroughly and then filled.
  • Veneers and lumineers are thin layers of restoring material used to cover damaged teeth
  • White fillings are a type of adhesive used to attach one thing to another and they can be used as a restoring material.
  • A Birmingham private dentist may also offer muscle relaxants and sedation dentistry to improve the quality of your visit as well as a hygienist to help you with planning good oral health.
  • Bridge work is known as process in which the dentist performs partials of a denture; otherwise known as a fixed partial denture.
  • Implantations are used as a restorative device that looks like a real tooth or teeth.
  • Teeth Whitening is a simple process in which the dentist uses different forms to whiten your teeth.

A lot of people are now realising that the NHS, a Government subsidised health care program, is not always the best choice. When it comes to things in life where money is not object, health care is certainly one of those things. A lot of people are coming to this conclusion, which is why so many people are now opting to go with private health care, regardless of the costs!

Here is the thing; finding private dental care is actually a lot easier than a lot of people seem to think. For people that are living in Birmingham, finding a Birmingham based private dentist could really not be any easier than it already is. There is a huge range of ways to search for a dentist and decide which one is likely to be the best.

Find a Birmingham based private dentist on the internet

The internet is fast becoming the best place for find a lot of things, not to mention private health care facilities that really offer high quality patient care. The internet is a tool that we should all be utilizing. A quick search around the major search engines will quickly reveal that people simply need to search "private dentist" and their area to find the best service providers locally.

The search results are usually ordered with the highest quality ones at the top. A lot of the time, search results will link straight through to the surgeries' website. This means that the individual will quickly be able to check:

  • The types of treatments that are available.
  • What sort of cost these treatments will be.
  • Where the surgery is located.
  • How the booking process works.

Comparing the costs of a Birmingham based private dentist with the NHS

When it comes to life, a lot of people really do get too focused in on price. If the benefit of a service is higher in comparison to the cost, then opting for that service is a no brainer. Generally an NHS service will average at around 35-40% below the cost of a private dentist, but that does not mean that it is the one an individual should use. A Birmingham based private dentist has the following advantages:

  • They will execute treatments that the NHS sometimes will not.
  • The quality of the work is generally a lot higher.
  • Waiting times for appointments are a lot less (especially for emergencies).
  • Staff in private dental care facilities generally have much more pride in their work.

Choosing the right Birmingham based private dentist

Choosing the right dentist can sometimes come down to a trial and error scenario. Do some searches, ask friends and family who they use and then start trialling out services. Until an individual experiences a service for themselves, there is no way that they can really locate the best one. Remember; there are plenty of service providers out there, so there is not really any reason to rush the decision making process.

Private Dental Offices in Birmingham

There are numerous Birmingham private dentist surgeries, below is a selection:

  • Kumar Dentists- 191 Heathfield Road, B19 1JD- 0121 5233749
  • Rowley Dentists- 67 Callowbrook Lane, Rubery, B45 9HP- 01214535541
  • Acquaye Dentists- 342 Soho Road, B21 9QL- 01215542136
  • M Endacott- 14 Eachway, B45 9DQ- 0121 4532793
  • Clive Harris & Associates- 990 Bristol Road South, B31 2PE- 0121 475 2666
  • L Christie- 15 Coppice Road, B13 9DP- 0121 449 1153
  • Acorn Dental Practice- 208 Swanshurst Lane, B13 0AW- 0121 777 1537
  • M Segelov- 17 Portland Road, B16 9HN- 0121 4540 175
  • Priory House Dental Practice- 306 Vicarage Road, Kings Heath, B14 7NH 0121 683 5775
  • George S Mitchell- 38 Harborne Road, B15 3HE- 0121 454 3134
  • A Relph- 1 Court Oak Road, B17 9TH- 0121 427 3358
  • Richard E Preece- 38 Harborne Road, B15 3HE- 0121 454 8899
  • N R W Whitling- 604 Stratford Road, Sparkhill, B11 4AP- 0121 777 4434
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